Adaugat pe: 01 December 2018
Vezi Love Is in the Air (2013) Online subtitrat HD

‘Amour & turbulences’ (= French for ‘love & turbulence’s’) offers you a delightful, very French comedy. Clearly cut to do full justice to the talents of both its leads Ludivine Sagnier and, in particular, Nicolas Bedos.This film’s tale is framed in an actual 2013-setting. Touching on many people’s desire to revive for a second the loves of their adolescent days — when life was young, beautiful & uncomplicated. To dream away from today’s burden of having a family, a job, and other capturing responsibilities.The big difference: in ‘Amour & turbulences’ revival wins from reality. Well, that’s what a film is about, isn’t it? Adding such an unexpected twist provides extra delight to this delightful French comedy.

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